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DISCOVER | January/10Th/2019 | 619MB

Immerse yourself in a brand new rich and diverse sonic realm with our new pack "Ambient Drift". With a massive 1GB of organic content to explore, this pack is an essential addition to any sample library. Begin by diving into over 100 drum one shots, including warm and mellow kicks; thick and precise snares and diverse percs and tops. These drums are ideal for those looking to add an authentic, detailed and real sound to their productions.

Those looking to add harmonic flavour will benefit greatly from inspecting the musical one shots folder, which is packed full of gorgeous, atmospheric instrumental hits. This folder is topped up with expertly processed one shots, including guitars, woodwinds and chimes, as well as thick, gnarly synth bass and bass guitar hits.

The SFX folder is the perfect starting point to establish the sonic palette of any song. Containing a concise and diverse range of sweeps, risers and textures to help create those seamless transitions and layers that all the pros are known for.

Finally, "Ambient Drift" is home to an extensive library of carefully labelled loops. The drum loops folder contains 60 immaculate yet rustic 4 bar loops rendered into 3 folders, for those looking to integrate just the percussion and cymbals into their productions.

The musical loops folder is home to 140 assorted melodic, chordal and bass loops with accompanying MIDI files. These samples are perfect for extensive manipulation, such as pitching, warping and automating, giving you the perfect starting point to inspire your new track. Ambient Drift combines stellar audio quality and expert sound design and processing to provide a unique sample pack suitable for all skill levels and musical styles.

......:::::: Product Specifications ::::::......

• Format: (.WAVs) & (.MIDIs)

• 101 x Delicate Drum Hits - (26 x Kicks, 15 x Percussions, 35 x Snares, 25 x Tops)

• 020 x Flowing Drum Loops - (Full Bounces And Stem Bounces)

• 028 x Varied SFX

• 047 x Natural Musical (One-Shots) - (16 x Bass, 31 x Synth)

• 024 x Warm Bass Loops - (Including: 24 x (.MIDIs) Files)

• 038 x Elegant Chord Loops - (Including: 27 x (.MIDIs) Files)

• 075 x Atmospheric Melody Loops - (Including: 42 x (.MIDIs) Files)

• 373 x Individual (.WAVs) (.Loops/Samples) Files

• 093 x Individual (.MIDIs) Files

• 466 x Files In Total

• Key And Tempo-Labelled

• 44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality

• Compatible With All DAWs

• PC & Mac Compatible

• Royalty-Free

......:::::: PRODUCT DEMO/PREViEW ::::::......










•020 x流动鼓圈(完全反弹和杆反弹)

•028 x可变SFX

•047 x自然音乐剧(单曲)-(16 x低音,31 x合成)

•024 x暖低音圈(包括:24 x(.midis)文件)

•038 x优雅的和弦循环(包括:27 x(.midis)文件)

•075 x大气旋律循环(包括:42 x(.midis)文件)

•373 x单个(.wavs)(.loops/samples)文件

•093 x单个(.midis)文件



•44.1KHZ 24位高质量





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