Touch Loops Analogue Odyssey WAV MIDI


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MIDI | WAV | 44,1 kHz / 24 bit - 595 MB

Analogue Odyssey is a treasure chest of synth explorations, instrument experimentations and a true love for all things analogue. From rich Juno arps to stunning Rhodes performances, rolling stab patterns to drum machine heavy beats our producer of choice William Haxworth has dug deep to truly showcase his amazing collection of musical inspiration and created our favourite collection of electronica loops and samples.

With a foot heavily planted in the cinema world but with a love for rich synth work, Will has provided an incredible sample pack that’s worthy of taking pride and place in any producers sample arsenal. From the very first listen you’ll be overwhelmed by the intense level of detail and production value.

All of the epic electronica loops have been painstakingly mixed and mastered to showcase every last drop of intent ensuring the final collection is an absolute beauty. From dazzling synth arpeggios to the rich bottom end bass work, the analogue driven lead synths to the super swung beats and grooves, the sound design heavy pad loops to the emotive melodies we just know you’re going to be falling in love with this instant classic.

中午12 : 00 Philip WAV 44.1 KHZ / 24 IBI-595 MB

同样,奥德赛是一种有助于综合探索的手段,是实验性的工具,是对所有类似问题的真爱。从Rich Juno Arp to Sun宁Rhodes,Rolling Stab patterns to Drum机器heavy beat our weapce of Choice William HaxWorld has dug deg to rule his amazing collection of音乐剧灵感and created our loved collection of ELET LOOPO and Ssamples .


EPIC EPIC EPIC LOOO已经进行了一次透彻的分析,并对每一件作品的最后一滴灌都作了描述。从Dazzing合成器到有价值的拳头篮球工作,类似的引诱与超级弹头和弹头的合成器,有一个声音的设计heavy Pad loops to the emotive Melody we just know you ' re going to be going to be going to be in love with this moment .

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