DAG Alliance Fire Strings KONTAKT


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DAG Alliance Fire Strings KONTAKT | 4.2 Gb

Fire Strings will ignite your creativity with 6GB of custom recorded sounds inside an extremely powerful engine powered by Native instruments Kontakt sampler. Fire Strings is a hybrid, scoring and music production tool for cinematic composers and producers. The library consists of a highly curated collection of cinematic sounds created from recordings of electric violin and guitars recorded through high end analog signal paths (Neve, API, Universal Audio, Manley) and put through extensive sound design processes by a team of sound designers.

Over 140 sounds including sustains, textures and grooves are included. Each sequencer has advanced controls which allow you to change the speed, number of steps, direction, offset, fade-in, nudge and loop individually per sequencer. Each sequencer also has copy/paste functions, randomisation and built-in presets. Fire Strings is an incredibly advanced instrument for Kontakt. Combine two sound sources and rhythmically swap between each sound or create rich evolving soundscapes with gradual modulation. There are also presets per sequencer so you can quickly select pre-built tools to add rhythm and variation instantly.

The 11 effects per sound can be controlled randomly or in positive or negative directions at the press of a button. The amount of control here is unprecedented and opens up a vast world of sound design capabilities. An additional 8 global send and insert effects allow for even further sound manipulating possibilities. The library content is broken down into three main categories: Tonal - This section of the library contains electric violin sustains and textures both of a traditional and extended nature. We dug very deep to push well beyond common technique. Here you’ll find everything from standard sustains and tremolos to the extremely jarring spectral scrubs, harmonics, trills, wild microtonal bends and vibrato.

DAG的字符串接触| 4.2 GB联盟消防

想你的创造力与火串ignite 6GB的自定义录制的声音(从非常强大的引擎动力的仪器接触本地采样器。火灾的字符串是一个混合工具,得分和音乐制作的电影作曲家和制作人。图书馆大楼,包括高度的电影录音的声音收集了从电力学院小提琴和吉他录制的模拟信号通过的路径的高端(Neve API通用音频,Manley)和看跌的声音设计过程通过广泛的声音设计师团队。

过的声音,包括sustains 140,和槽是included。这允许每个音序器有高级控件,你改变的速度,数量的步骤,方向偏移,褪色和回路中,通过测序微移,分别为。因此,每个音序器有randomisation和复制/粘贴功能,内置的预置。火灾是在先进的仪器的字符串接触。从两个声源之间和每个声音rhythmically互换或创建富发展音景与渐进的调制。有那么快那么你可以用音序器预置选择预建的工具添加节奏和变化着。

11的声音效果可以通过随机或积极或消极的控制按钮的方向在》。这里是控制污染和开辟了前所未有的广阔的世界(音响设计能力。全球发送额外的8和插入声音效果manipulating allow for甚至进一步的可能性。图书馆的内容是下三类:破碎的主色调为这部小提琴sustains图书馆包含电气和两个扩展,一个传统的和自然的。我们挖到很深很超越普通推技术。在这里,你会发现一切从标准sustains和tremolos到非常jarring谱野生灌木,谐波,颤音和颤音,次上传。

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