Triple Spiral Audio Pagan IV for Iris 2-DECiBEL


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Team DECiBEL | 07 Mar 2018 | REPACK: 713.8MB | REPACK Only: 2.8MB

Pagan IV for Iris 2 is the next installment in the Pagan series with a focus on the mystique and mysterious side of sound design and with a bit more analog feeling. The soundset is aimed for composers and producers working on productions for film, games, tv and trailers.

The soundset contains 75 patches which are divided into ARP’s, Basses, Leads, Pads, Percussion and soundscapes. All the patches have the 8 macro controls assigned and the modwheel is most of the time assigned to the cutoff filter.

REPACK notes: Fixed missing samples error for "SC - Atonal Dreams.iris"

团队|海|分贝:2018年07 repack 713.8mb | repack only:2.8mb

第四pagan虹膜2 is for the next installment茶系列茶pagan与焦点的mystique和神秘的声音设计和端局一位黑莓模拟连接。soundset is for the aimed在线生产加工为composers和制作电影,电视和游戏,trailers。

soundset which contains the补丁是arp' 75分为S,basses,垫,领导,和soundscapes percussion。在宏观补丁have the Controls the 8指定modwheel and the  most of the time is to the cutoff filter指定。

repack Notes for“missing samples:固定误差无调性的SC - dreams.iris”

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