Sonixinema Hybrid Scoring Collection Strings v1.0 KONTAKT


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Sonixinema Hybrid Scoring Collection Strings v1.0 KONTAKT | 8.01 Gb

Hybrid Scoring Collection: STRINGS. is the first instalment in our new range of instruments for Kontakt. The first of it's kind, this library combines not only orchestral textures but more modern instruments such as guitars, bass, mandolin and a wide range of custom designed effects.

This inspirational library is perfect for creating lush and delicate textures, as well as mean and gritty cinematic flavours which will bring your music to life. Hybrid Scoring Collection: Strings has a custom designed interface with many parameters for shaping your sound. We wanted to blur the lines between natural instruments and analogue effects to create an inspiring and intuitive way of working.

The interface is made up of two sections, the main engine and the effects engine. In the centre of the main tab you will find the DESTROY knob which you can activate by clicking the title and either using your mod wheel or mouse to control it. This adds a deep, gritty distortion to the instrument which is perfect for increasing the intensity of your sound. The main tab also includes parameters for volume, pan, pitch, attack, sustain, release, high pass/low pass filters each with a cut off and resonance knob. The effects tab on the interface contains a three band EQ along with reverb, compression, delay and tape saturation. These effects give you a wide range of possibilities to morph and adjust the sound of the instrument. If you ever want to return to the default settings, simply cntrl (windows) or cmd (mac) click on the knob/slider.

sonixinema混合评分。收藏| 8.01版GB接触

评分:混合收集的字符串。是第一次在我们的新工具,仪器的接触范围。第一部的脸颊,这不只是orchestral图书馆combines textures但享受现代仪器如低音吉他,曼陀林,和一个宽范围的定制设计的效果。

this inspirational图书馆为创造完美的冰lush和delicate textures AA AA,好口味cinematic均与真相将把你的音乐的两个生命。混合评分。收集:有一个自定义设计的接口与许多参数,塑造你的声音。我们想要两个模糊的运输工具和模拟之间的自然效果的两个inspiring create和直观的工作方式”。

“冰”的IP接口两部分,主发动机和发动机的作用。在该中心的主要损失,你会找到这节,你可以摧毁城市clicking Activate the title或者用你的勇气和老鼠的两个车轮或控制它。这一adds深的两个基本的失真,这是完美的工具,为提高你的声音的强度。损失的主要参数,也包括锅,音量,音调,攻击,释放,sustain,通高/低通滤波器各有一个回旋切断和节。损失的影响在接口包含一沿三波段EQ与压缩、混响、延时和饱和带。这些效果给你一个宽范围的可能性morph和调整两个音的乐器。如果你曾经想回到默认参数,简单cntrl(Windows)或CMD键(Mac)在结/滑块。

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