Ventilation (vray GGX corona PBR)


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Ventilation (vray GGX, corona PBR)

max | obj | 3D Models | 597 MB

Ventilation (element 102) is made for corona render 1.5 and vray 3.2. Suitable for visualization Industrial facilities, supermarkets, gyms, the interiors in the style of “industrial” and so on. N. Easy snap on the pivot or support facilities. Auxiliary objects are on separate layer and eliminated from rendering. vray materials configured properly. In version vray, BRDF materials installed in Microfacet GTR / GGX, owners vray 2.4 must be installed in the Blinn BRDF. For Corona render, it is recommended to put the version not lower than 1.5, since the glossiness of materials customized based on PBR. Detail of the model suitable for close angles. You beautiful renderings!

(VRay ggx冠通风,PBR)

三维模型的最大| | | 597 MB。

通风系统(102元)and is made for冠渲染VRay 1.5 3.2。for visualization合适的工业设施,超市,健身房,室内装饰风格的“工业”in the and so on。易折断。on the枢轴或支持设施。auxiliary objects are on separate from eliminated and渲染层。正常构型Vray的材料。在Vray的材料installed BRDF的版本,在业主/ ggx microfacet GTR,VRay 2.4 installed must be in the Blinn BRDF。对电晕渲染,it is not recommended to put the lower than 1.5版本,因为基于PBR根据材料的光泽度。detail of the model  for close合适的角度。你美丽的作品!

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