Night Sky Photography – Milky Way and Star Trails


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Night Sky Photography - Milky Way and Star Trails

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A hands on guide to night sky photography of the Milky Way and Star Trails with an introduction to Time-lapse

The night sky is one of the most awe inspiring sights that we have the privilege of witnessing.

We’ve been photographing the night sky since moving out to California from rainy England in 2012. The skies literally opened up with possibilities now that we could count on good weather most of the time, but learning how to photograph the night sky could be challenging and confusing. We've traveled all around California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona, going through many nights of trial and error to pinpoint the best and easiest steps to get great results and we are going to share them with you in this course.

It’s estimated that 80% of the US population cannot see the Milky Way due to light pollution. This is a sight that should not be missed for the world - but it will need some planning and some traveling. How much traveling is really down to your proximity to a big city.

After this course, you will be able to know how to take images of the Milky Way and star trails by following a clear set of guidelines. You will get outdoors, capture the wonder of the universe and create great memories at the same time.


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它说,80 %的美国人口,由于无法看到银河系的光污染。这是一个不应该是看到了的世界,但它需要一些规划和一些旅行。多少您的旅行是非常接近到一个大城市。


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