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如果您曾经想给自己的角色添加实时面部动画,让它们栩栩如生,那么本节是给您的。在书中,你将向角色添加情感表达,并学习如何在它们与代码之间进行融合。我们还将添加额外的可信度的字符通过添加眨眼和眼睛注视动态。Ask Me Anything About Unity

What do YOU want to know about Unity but have been afraid to ask? Do you think your questions too trivial to become an entire course? Every day Dr Penny de Byl receives messages from her students asking for assistance on a wide variety of topics that would benefit from a short tutorial. In this course, Penny puts her 25 years of game development, research and teaching into practice to answer your questions in a variety of popular short workshop based tutorials. Each month the next most popular tutorial request will be added to the course, here in Udemy, until a total of 20 topics have been covered.

Topics covered so far include:

The Unity Entity Component and Job System

Targeting Missiles

In-game Quest Systems

Reading and Writing to a Database

Animating Facial Expressions

Contents and Overview

Section 1:
The course begins with a section examining the new Unity Entity Component and Job System where you will build a planet simulation with 50,000 planets that orbit and are under the gravitational influence of four suns.

Section 2:
Following this a section examining the creation of target seeking missiles will cover basic line of sight missiles that remain locked onto a target after being fired as well as the addition of a waypoint system that gives missiles interesting curved and funky trajectories.

Section 3:
The next section steps through the ground up creation of an in-game quest system. Starting with a simple third person game environment you will build a quest system which monitors player progress as well as cover the Unity fundamentals of the UI system to support its presentation.

Section 4:
In this section you will learn how to accessing an online database from inside Unity to store game data. Through the use of a free online database service you will follow along as we create a database and write simple PHP, mySQL and C# to link a Unity application with player details stored on an external server.

Section 5:
If you’ve ever wanted to add real-time facial animations to your own characters to bring them alive, this section is for you. In it you will add emotional expressions to a character and learn how to blend between them with code. We will also add extra believability to the character by adding blinking and eye gaze dynamics.

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