3DMotive – C# Scripting in Unity


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Title: 3DMotive – C# Scripting in Unity


In C# Scripting in Unity, instructor Alan Thorn exploresmany ways to work with custom data loaded from external files, like XML, JSON, Binary, CSV files and more. Aimed at intermediate users, see how to create save-game states, build data-heavy scenes and levels, read data from the internet, and process data from external applications. Across three in-depth modules you’ll see how to harness the awesome power of both persistent-data and serialization to customize how games work extensively. Learn how to create saved user-data like high scores and enemy statistics, and then how to retrieve that data back in later play sessions.Understand data openness and security issues, like encryption and formatting, to prevent user tampering and cheating. Learn how to read data from the internet and how to customize play settings with INI files and XML files .And further, understand how to work with JSON files and Binary files to store extensive data sets that accommodate user customization for games. By the end of this course you’ll be strongly positioned to create games that both save and load data, expanding your horizons to build massive, customizable games that everybody will want to play…

This course will consist of 3 volumes and we will be releasing a volume every week. The downloadable version will be available at the end of the series release.


标题:3dmotive–C # Unity脚本


在C # Unity脚本中,沃斯通克拉夫特艾伦刺exploresmany方法与自定义数据加载从外部XML文件,样,JSON的,二进制文件,CSV和更多。在湖的中间aimed用户创建,保存游戏中的场景和数据,建立重金属水平,读取数据从互联网,从外部应用和过程数据。在三模湖的深度,你会如何利用这可怕的力量和持久性数据和知识的工作extensively serialization定制游戏。了解如何创建用户数据保存样高的分数统计和敌人,然后检索数据后,如何在以后的会话数据播放。开放性和安全问题的理解,以防止样加密和格式,用户tampering和作弊。了解如何读取数据从互联网和如何设置自定义播放一个INI文件和XML文件。和继续,知道如何与JSON文件和二进制文件存储的数据集,可容纳广泛的用户定制的游戏。在本课程结束,你会强烈地创建,保存和加载游戏数据是扩大你的视野,构建大规模定制的游戏,这是大家都想去玩……


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