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Duration 1h 18m Project Files Included MP4

Coordinating Civil, Architecture & Structure Models with Revit


Have you ever found yourself trying to efficiently manage models between multiple design firms for a building project? If so, Coordinating Civil, Architecture & Structure Models with Revit is the perfect course for you because you will learn how to effectively manage these models the right way, every time. First, you’ll learn how to utilize Shared Coordinates between Revit & Civil 3D models and ensure they drop into the correct geolocations every time. Next, using Copy/Monitor and interference checking, you will see how to manage and change data between Revit models, identify items of conflict between two Revit models, and resolve the conflict between them. Finally, you’ll learn effective ways to manage the visual properties of Views in Revit using View Templates and View Filters. When you’re finished with this Revit course, you’ll not only have a manageable workflow, but you’ll also be able to efficiently collaborate and coordinate your effort between multiple disciplines. Software required: Revit 2017, Civil 3D 2016.

持续时间 1 h 18 米项目文件包括的 MP4

协调民间 建筑结构模型 Revit


没有发现自己有效地管理多个设计公司建筑项目之间模型吗?如果这样协调民间建筑结构模型 Revit 完美课程因为学习如何有效地管理这些模型正确方式每一首先您将学习如何利用 Revit & 公务员 3D 模型之间共同协调确保他们正确的 geolocations 接下来使用复制/监视器干涉检查看到如何管理更改 Revit 模型之间数据确定项目两个Revit 模型之间冲突解决他们之间冲突最后您将学习管理 Revit 使用视图模板视图筛选器视图视觉属性有效方法完成 Revit 课程一个易于管理工作流有效地进行协作协调多个学科之间努力所需软件 Revit 2017 年民间的 3D 2016年

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