Lynda - Paneling with Dynamo for Revit


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Lynda - Paneling with Dynamo for Revit

Size: 620 MB | Duration: 2h 51m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15&30fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch

Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Language: English

Discover how to enhance your paneling design workflow with Autodesk Dynamo, the visual scripting tool for Revit. In this course, Colin McCrone shows how to use Dynamo to describe the logic behind a project, rationalize and document a complex façade with flat panels, and represent panels in Revit. Colin covers strategies for paneling different types of design surfaces, meeting various design constraints, analyzing results, and applying patterns.

Topics include:

* Paneling strategies

* Paneling with packages

* Normalized curve and surface parameters

* Importing geometry

* Adaptive components

* Conditional family placement

* Analysis and data

* Visualizing information

* Panel orientation and dimensions

* Embedding data in Revit elements

* Applying a regular pattern and a random pattern

* Mapping an image

面积: 620 mb |持续时间: 2h 51m |视频: mp4 1280x720 15 & 30 fps |音频: aac 48KHz 2ch

体裁: 电子教学 |水平: 中级 |语言: 英语

了解如何提高您的镶板设计工作流程与 revit, 可视化的脚本工具。在本课程中, 科林 McCrone 展示了如何使用发电机来描述一个项目背后的逻辑, 合理化和记录一个复杂的门面与平面面板, 并代表面板在 revit。科林涵盖不同类型的设计表面的镶板策略, 满足各种设计约束, 分析结果和应用模式。


* 镶板策略

* 带包的镶板

* 归一化曲线和曲面参数

* 导入几何

* 自适应组件

* 有条件的家庭安置

* 分析和数据

* 可视化信息

* 面板方向和尺寸

* 在 revit 元素中嵌入数据

* 应用常规模式和随机模式

* 映射图像

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