Lynda - Revit Schedules


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Lynda - Revit Schedules

Size: 647 MB | Duration: 1h 35m | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 15&30fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch

Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate | Language: English

Schedules—which display information extracted from the properties of different project elements—are the backbone of BIM. In this course, explore how to work with schedules in Revit. Focusing primarily on the "I" for information in BIM, instructor Eric Wing demonstrates how to drill into the Revit database and query data out of your models. Eric covers a few standard schedules such as door, window, and room schedules, and then dives into the specifics of Revit parameters, and how they relate to the underlying database that you have—perhaps, unknowingly—developed by virtue of modeling your project. He goes into creating blank schedules, material takeoffs, keynote legends, schedule keys, and more.

Topics include:

* General schedules

* Adding and scheduling project parameters

* Imbedded schedules

* Configuring schedules

* Creating a blank schedule

* Material takeoffs

* Exporting schedules

* Documentation schedules

琳-Revit 时间表

面积: 647 MB |持续时间: 1h 35m |视频: mp4 1280x720 15 & 30 fps |音频: AAC 48KHz 2ch

体裁: 电子教学 |水平: 中级 |语言: 英语

时间表--显示从不同项目元素的属性中提取的信息--是 "基础" 的主干。在本课程中, 探讨如何在 Revit 中使用时间表。主要集中在 "I" 的信息, 教练埃里克翼演示如何钻入 Revit 数据库和查询数据的模型。Eric 涵盖了一些标准的时间表, 如门, 窗口, 和房间的时间表, 然后潜入到 Revit 参数的细节, 以及它们如何与基础数据库, 你有-也许, 不自觉地发展, 凭借建模您的项目。他进入创建空的时间表, 材料起飞, 基调传说, 时间表的关键, 等等。


* 总时间表

* 添加和计划项目参数

* 嵌入式时间表

* 配置计划

* 创建空白计划

* 物料起飞

* 出口计划

* 文件安排

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