Using Dyverso for Motion Graphics in RealFlow and Maya


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持续时间 4 小时 16 m 项目文件包括的 MP4

Dyverso 用 RealFlow 和玛雅人的运动图形


在此 RealFlow 和玛雅人的教程中,我们将学习创建动画的徽标保险杠的整个管道。

我们会首先考虑在 Illustrator 中创建徽标和在玛雅人中创建 3D 网格出来。我们会从那里,在那里我们会使用魔法守护进程与 Dyverso 求解器进行动画处理形成我们的标志的流体模拟的RealFlow 带入网格。

看完我们的粒子模拟的 RealFlow,我们会给它带到玛雅之前一切带入效果后,最终合成和动画渲染。我们也会看看在试镜中创建简单的静乐我们保险杠。

这 RealFlow 和玛雅人的培训结束时,你将有用于创建动画的徽标保险杠电视技术扎实的理解。

Duration 4h 16m Project Files Included MP4

Using Dyverso for Motion Graphics in RealFlow and Maya


In this RealFlow and Maya tutorial, we’ll learn the entire pipeline for creating an animated logo bumper.

We’ll start by taking a logo created in Illustrator and create a 3D mesh out of it in Maya. From there, we’ll bring the mesh into RealFlow where we’ll use the Magic daemon with the Dyverso solver to animate a fluid simulation that forms our logo.

After finishing our particle simulation in RealFlow, we’ll bring it back into Maya for rendering before bringing everything into After Effects for final compositing and animation. We’ll also look at creating a simple jingle for our bumper in Audition.

By the end of this RealFlow and Maya training, you’ll have a solid understanding of the techniques used to create an animated logo bumper for TV.

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