Realflow Destruction Tactics Volume 1


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Duration 4h Project Files Included MP4

Title: cmiVFX – Realflow Destruction Tactics Volume 1


BRAND NEW! A new standard of excellence has been established with the brand new cmiVFX Realflow training series geared towards the technically inclined independent or resident studio artist. In this series, we will have the chance to work on a conceptually high-end visual effects scene using a plethora of heavily researched techniques to apply a well focused art directed look on a epic, blockbuster quality destruction scenario of a church building. A variety of 3D tools such as FumeFX, Particles and Realflow were used to get the required plan executed with extreme precision while maintaining creative freedom. In this first standalone volume, we will be demonstrating strong rigid and soft body’s simulation tools, as well as its multi-joint control system to create a highly detailed explosion plus destruction of the hero asset due to a simulated rocket hit. In the second standalone volume, there will be an in—depth voyage by means of several particle driven effects accompanied by FumeFx, to create the multiple explosions, debris, dust and impact effects. The techniques used in this series, can be applied to any post production destruction scenario for film and commercial work. Learn step by step, how to create high-end film quality destruction effects using your home PC obtaining assets from the CG programs your already using! The two volumes in this series are being released separately to allow time for the users to collaborate what they have learned with the cmiVFX online community and build their own similar scenes on their own.

持续时间 4 h 项目文件包括的 MP4

标题: 脸部 — — Realflow 破坏战术卷 1


新的品牌!品牌新的脸部 Realflow 培训系列面向技术上倾斜的独立或驻地画室里的艺术家已经被新的卓越标准。在这个系列中,我们将有机会使用大量的大量研究技术上的教堂建筑史诗,大片质量破坏场景应用重点突出的艺术定向的看在概念上高端视觉效果现场工作。各种 3D 工具 FumeFX、 粒子等 Realflow 被用于获取所要求的计划执行极其精确,同时保持创作自由。在这第一次独立的体积,我们将展示强刚性和软体模拟工具,以及其多关节控制系统来创建高度详细的爆炸再加上由于模拟的火箭击中英雄资产的破坏。在第二个的独立卷,会有的 — — 深度航行所意味着的几个粒子驱动影响伴随着 FumeFx,若要创建多个爆炸,碎片,灰尘和影响效果。在这个系列中,使用的技术可以应用于任何邮政生产破坏场景电影和商业工作。一步一步走,学习如何创建高端电影品质的破坏影响,用从 CG 程序获得资产,你已经在使用您的家用 PC!本系列中的两个卷都分别被释放,允许用户进行协作他们学到了什么与脸部在线社区的时间和自己建立自己类似的场景。

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