Photoshop for DesignersType Essentials


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Photoshop for Designers: Type Essentials

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Learn the fundamentals of working with type in Adobe Photoshop. In this course, instructor Nigel French distinguishes when it is appropriate to set type in Photoshop rather than InDesign or Illustrator and what makes Photoshop unique for certain type treatments. He demonstrates essential techniques, such as entering and editing text; interacting with type layers; and adjusting the color, transparency, and character formatting of type. Plus, he discusses some evolving technologies in type, including the new frontier of color fonts.


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学习型大学的基础工作需要在Adobe Photoshop。本课程讲师Nigel French的区别,当它是适当的,而不是在Photoshop集型到InDesign或Illustrator和Photoshop让独特的特定类型的治疗。嘿demonstrates必不可少的技术,如文本和编辑的表达与相互作用的类型;层;和透明的颜色,类型,和字符格式。加了一些,他在不断变化的技术的新类型,包括彩色字体。

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