Skillshare – Animate 3D Type in Autodesk Maya


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我们从在Autodesk Maya中创建文本的基础知识开始,并使用内置的动画工具进行类型,这对于初学者来说是非常好的。




我们将通过光照和渲染玛雅人的图像来完成课程,并完成最后的颜色校正,并编译成Adobe.Effects中的电影文件。Skillshare – Animate 3D Type in Autodesk Maya

Welcome to one of the most fundamental tools for a motion graphics artist: animating type.

No experience is needed to take this course and by the end of it you will be able to create, manipulate, and animate rendered type .

We start with the basics of creating text in Autodesk Maya and use the built-in animation tools for type that is great for beginners.

If you’re a more advanced user or a beginner that feels comfortable after the initial animation lesson, we dive deeper in to the most advanced method of animating type in Maya with a relatively new toolset called MASH, which is Maya’s motion graphics toolset.

The only trouble is there’s one big obstacle you have to overcome to use MASH with type and I will show you how to overcome it.

I also give you a Python script I wrote that I show you how to run it in Maya with the push of a button to overcome this otherwise frustrating obstacle to using MASH with type.

We will finish the course by lighting and rendering our images out of Maya and do the final color correction and compiling into a movie file in Adobe After Effects.

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