Retouching VR Images (360 Photos) with Photoshop and After Effects


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As spherical panoramas become more common, especially on social media platforms, the next logical step is to begin editing and enhancing these images — just as you do with traditional photography. The challenge is, however, these are not “flat” images. As images are “unwrapped” in photo editing tools, we need to use an alternate workflow for editing these types of panoramas.

This course will show you a step-by-step, non-destructive process, for seamlessly masking out your tripod, applying 2-dimensional artwork into the VR space, retouching, adjusting color, and adding special effects to your photo.

The software we’ll be using includes the Adobe Creative Cloud versions of both Photoshop and After Effects.

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20世纪spherical panoramas成为更常见,尤其是在社会媒体platforms,接下来的一个逻辑步骤是开始编辑和enhancing这些图片-正如你做传统的摄影导演。的挑战,然而,这些是不是“平坦”的图像。20世纪是“unwrapped图片”在照片编辑工具,我们需要使用一个alternate workflow编辑为这些类型的panoramas。

哦,当然,这会让你一步一步- by -一步一步的,非destructive process,为seamlessly masking了你的三脚架,应用2 dimensional件艺术中的虚拟空间,retouching,adjusting颜色和特殊的影响,添加到你的照片。

的软件,我们使用的includes的Adobe Photoshop和两个版本的creative云后的影响。

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