3DMotive – Intro to 3ds Max 2017 Volume 4


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3DMotive – Intro to 3ds Max 2017 Volume 4


Most programs have a multitude of buttons, gizmos and menus that often clutter up and confuse students as to where everything is and what they’re mostly likely going to use in a production atmosphere. Intro to 3ds Max 2017 is designed to focus on what the student is going to need to know to start and finish any model they choose to undertake to create.The UI, and customization of same, will be explored as well the major creation methods and using sub-object functions (vertex, edge, polygon, element) to their best advantage. From using photo references, the student will be able to clearly and concisely model parts and refine details to create finished meshes. They’ll learn to use smoothing groups to best advantage when applying modifiers (turbo smooth) and why such smoothing groups are important. After completing the mesh, the student will then be exposed to UVs and the new unwrap features found in 3DS Max 2017 to facilitate the speed in which the meshes can be unwrapped and laid out for proper texture usage. Finally, the students will be taught how to bake a simple ambient occlusion map quickly and easily to help give their meshes a more believeable three dimensional quality so that they can then create the colours for the model as they see fit and blend into the AO to create a usable model.

3dmotive–介绍3ds Max 2017卷4


大多数程序都有一个按钮,装置和菜单经常弄乱,让学生们在所有的地方,他们可能会使用在生产环境。3ds Max 2017的介绍旨在关注学生需要知道什么来开始和完成他们选择创建的任何模型。UI和定制同样的,将探索主要的创作方法和使用子对象函数(顶点,边缘,多边形,元素)最大的优势。从使用图片参考,学生将能够清楚,简洁地建模零件和细化细节,以创建成品网格。他们将学会在应用修饰语(turbo平滑)时使用平滑组,以及为什么这些平滑组是重要的。完成网格后,学生将被暴露于UV和新打开的特点在3ds Max 2017发现方便的网格可以打开和适当的纹理使用了速度。最后,学生们将学习如何做一个简单的环境闭塞地图迅速和容易地帮助他们更可信的三维网格质量才能创建模型的颜色是否合适,融入澳创建一个可用的模型。

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